Birth of Gembrooke Inflections

On April 21, 2010, in Inflection Points, by Gembrooke Team

I’m excited to announce the beginning of my new blog, Gembrooke Inflections. Our goal is to create a public forum to discuss our rapidly evolving industry, share new and innovative ideas, and announcements for our Gembrooke partners. First I want to share with everyone where the name for the blog came from.

In business, an inflection point is defined as a point in time during an organization’s life, when its fundamentals are about to change. That change can either lead to new opportunities and growth if dealt with quickly and proactively, or a downturn in productivity and the organization’s ultimate demise. It is a concept developed by Andrew Grove the founder of Intel, who summarizes it as follows:

Inflection points can be caused by technological change but they are more than technological change. They can be caused by competitors, but they are more than just competition. They are full-scale changes in the way business is conducted, so that simply adopting new technology or fighting the competition as you used to may be insufficient. They build up so insidiously that you may have a hard time even putting a finger on what has changed, yet you know something has.

What has happened over the last decade and is still happening at an even more accelerated pace to our industry, is an onslaught of not just one, but many inflection points. Whether it be the low margin competition of the Internet, the ever expanding influence of big box jewelry retailers like Jared’s or the changing buying habits of young consumers, the nation’s independent retailers have the challenge of finding new ways to adapt to and prosper in the market. As we begin this journey together, hopefully we can begin to see what is happening around us with greater clarity, and discover some new strategies and solutions in the process.


Joe Srodawa


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