What Makes SOLENZA Special

On May 1, 2014, in SOLENZA News, by Gembrooke Team

Gembrooke is proud to offer our retailers SOLENZA diamonds and melée.SOLENZA Diamond We believe

that in challenging economic times, consumers want to know the diamond they are purchasing is truly a great value, and nothing represents value more than the sparkle and beauty of a well cut diamond. As our brands is new to many of you, we wanted to take a moment and review what makes SOLENZA diamonds special, and sets them apart from other offerings in the market.

1. At Gembrooke we specialize in ideal cut diamonds, it’s our passion and what drives us. When you call us for a diamond you can be confident that what you receive will be consistently the finest cut diamond available in the market.

2. Only a small percentage of the worlds rough uncut diamonds are capable of being fashioned into a SOLENZA diamond. For this reason our diamonds are carefully selected from the finest conflict free rough available worldwide. SOLENZA diamonds come with a full birth certificate documenting them as conflict free, and tracing their origin from the mine to the owner.

3. SOLENZA diamonds are polished in one of four modern factories throughout the world, each staffed with teams of artisans who only cut ideal diamonds. Having cutters who are trained only to cut for perfection, maintains the high standard we expect from our product.

4. All SOLENZA diamonds are cut to an identical blueprint of exacting specifications. They are of ideal proportion according to the strictest industry standards. Every facet is positioned and polished to maximize light return, and every SOLENZA diamond achieves the highest light performance, polish and symmetry grades from either the AGS or GIA laboratories.

5. The perfection of every SOLENZA diamond is verified when viewing the perfect pattern of eight arrows through the table, and eight perfect hearts through the pavilion.

6. SOLENZA diamonds because of their intense beauty and attention to detail never need to be discounted for their lack of perfection, will retain their value, and are extremely affordable for everyone.

7. SOLENZA diamonds have a full array of sophisticated marketing materials such as in-store POS, online marketing, print ads and display available for our dedicated retailers.

These are just a few highlights of what makes our SOLENZA diamond unique and special in the marketplace. Best of all they will set you apart from your competitors and wow your clients with their beauty, consistency, and added value. Call our office at 888-436-2753 if you have more questions.


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